Resources for our clients..

New Client Form & Information

 For our New Client Form and valuable information, new clients can use this page as a great resource.

Online Pharmacy

 We understand how busy life can get. To offer our clients convenience and peace of mind, we opened our online pharmacy. Each order is checked by a member of our technician staff. Clients can have their pet’s food or medications sent straight to their front door.

Currently Administering Immunotherapy

 Check out this page for tips and useful information for those currently treating their pet’s allergies with Immunotherapy

Treats We Carry

 We are proud to offer our clients a pet treat boutique that offers high quality, limited ingredient pet treats. AAEC carries the entire line of Serenegy Dog Treats. Dr. Amy Randall, co-owner of Serenegy, formulates and tests the treats, making them perfect for pets with food allergies.

Pet Care Tips

 For pets with environmental allergies, we came up with a few suggests to help keep your pet comfortable.

Tips for Reducing Exposure to Environmental Allergens

Leave Us Your Review

Feedback is very important to us. As a way to allow our clients to review their experience with the Animal Allergy and Ear Clinic, we created a form that allows clients to avoid sign up services. Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback.