Your First Appointment

To set up your first appointment:

1. Call us at (503) 574-4150 or your primary veterinarian can make a referral.

2. Please fill out and submit form below or print and fill out the new client form and bring it to your appointment.

• Our initial, comprehensive examination will take around 90 minutes.

• Do not bathe your pet 2-3 days prior to the appointment.

• Bring any medications or topical that they are currently using or have been prescribed to your pet in the past.


Please Note:

Our goal is to provide quality dermatological care in a timely manner. AAEC has implemented an appointment/cancellation policy which enables us to better utilize available appointments for our clients in need of dermatological care for their pet. Failure to cancel your appointment in 24 hours notice is considered a “no show”. No shows will be billed for their exam appointment. AAEC also reserves the riht to dismiss patients from out practice after 3 missed appointments in a 12 month period.