Pet of the Month

At the Animal Allergy and Ear Clinic, we work hand in hand with family’s, whose pet’s become like family to us. Many patients come to us after many failed attempts, wanting relief, comfort, and long term, quality health for their pet. In many cases, we maintain long term relationship with our patients and their families. It warms our hearts and continues to amaze us everyday how hard our clients work with us for their pets. We feel it is time that we start to acknowledge how truly incredible our clients and patients are. So we will be honoring a Pet of the Month. Each month, the staff collaborates and discusses connections they’ve made, clients who truly go above and beyond, as well as patients who are as sweet as they come (which is ALL of them). Treating dermatological issues is a detail oriented and sometimes very tedious effort and we watch clients every single day go above and beyond to help their four legged family member!

Patients: Jake and Gavin
Owner: Janet
Breed: West Highland Terriers
Ages: Jake – 8 Gavin -13
Clients of AAEC since: January of 2013
Why we love them: Gavin and Jake are as sweet as they come but what makes them truly special to us is their bond. Gavin has Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA). Jake acts as Gavin’s seeing eye dog. He wears a bell to help guide and reassure Gavin. It is truly heartwarming to see their bond and love for one another. Janet describes Jake as the family clown and Gavin as a gentleman. Additionally, what makes these two so special is that Jake is Gavin’s biological son! Janet is an extremely great owner, who is very attentive and loving to Gavin and Jake. She goes above and beyond to ensure their care

A note from Janet: 
“The boys are great travelers.  We do long road trips which they enjoy very much.  I call them the perfect “resort dogs”.  They are so well mannered and so social. We have appreciated the loving care at Animal Allergy & Ear Clinic. Dr. Randall and staff have made such a huge difference in the quality of life for Gavin, Jake and me. They are always there for us!!”

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