Our Philosophy


When treating our patients, Dr. Randall and our support staff’s overall goal is to treat the underlying condition to better your pet’s quality of life overall. We only treat the current symptoms to keep


We seek to treat your pet with an all natural approach if and when possible. Some medications have negative short and long term side effects. We believe treatment is meant to cure and offer a better quality of life long term.


We believe in educating our clients about their pet’s condition. This allows us to fully partner with you to choose the best form of treatment for your pet and your family.


We believe in offering a low stress, quiet, and relaxed environment for your pet. When designing our new clinic, located in Beaverton, Dr. Randall made sure each exam room had windows to keep your pet’s from feeling confined.  Dr. Randall often gets down on the floor with your pet during the appointments to ensure they feel safe and comfortable. We use minimal restraint and only take your pet’s temperature when necessary. We ware driven to ensure that experience is a positive one for your pet.


Every pet and their case is different. We are committed to personalized, individual care. When we can, we pair one of our specialized technicians with your pet and their case to ensure the best care possible.


Every purchase we make for the items we carry at the clinic have been researched. Down to our anesthetic, we want to offer the safest and best options on the market for your pet. Each treat, shampoo, ointment and procedure option are things we are passionate about, believe in and use on our own pets. You and your pet are in our thoughts in every step of operating our clinic.

If you have any more questions, please visit our FAQ page or give us a call!