You can significantly help your pet by making some simple environmental changes.


Pollens (Grasses, Weeds, Trees)

  • Avoid Fields.
  • Keep lawns cut short.
  • Keep pets inside while mowing.
  • Rinse pet after exposure to high grasses and weeds.
  • Keep pet indoors at dusk & early morning during heavy pollen season.
  • Use air conditioners and keep windows closed.

House Dust Mites & Fleas

  • Wash bedding in hot water weekly.
  • Cover furniture that pet sleeps on with sheet and wash weekly.
  • Use barrier type covers on mattress/ pillows where pet might sleep.
  • Wash stuffed toys frequently.
  • Keep pet in uncarpeted rooms when possible.
  • Frequently damp mop all areas pet has access to.
  • Change furnace filters frequently.

Molds & Storage Mites     

  • Keep pets out of damp basements.
  • Feed high quality pet food & store in a solid airtight container.
  • Clean pet food storage areas and bins with chlorine bleach solution monthly.
  • Avoid having large numbers of house plants.
  • Avoid confining pets to rooms with high moisture levels (bathroom, basement, laundry room).