Just like in humans, allergies and ear disorders can make life miserable for a pet and the people around them.  Some disorders can even threaten the life of your pet. At Animal Allergy & Ear Clinic, we provide a variety of services to get to the root of the symptom your pet is displaying and ultimately improve the quality of life for your pet (and you!).

Allergy Testing

A comprehensive intradermal (skin) test can be performed to determine your pet’s allergies.  An interadermal test is the “gold standard” in both human and veterinary medicine.


Cytology (cell) testing allows the doctor to determine if your pet has a bacterial or yeast infection in the ears or on the skin. This can further enhance diagnostic insight to develop a more specific treatment plan for your pet. We perform cytology testing on-site to deliver accurate reporting in less time than clinics that rely on off-site labs.

Skin Biopsies

With pets exhibiting dermatitis (skin inflammation), we’ll perform a simple surgical procedure to remove a small tissue sample for study by a specially trained dermatohistopathologist. Reporting will be used to develop a treatment plan to specifically address the finding.

CO2 Laser Procedures

Our investment in an advanced surgical laser makes on-site surgeries less painful, speeds healing, and lowers the risk of infection. Laser procedures significantly reduce the trauma to your pet.


Our videoscope can be used to take digital pictures inside your pet’s ears or nose. This advanced technology greatly assists the doctor when taking biopsies or performing laser surgery.