“We brought James, our sweet but troubled Cattle/Pit cross, home from the animal shelter and within weeks he developed signs of allergies.  We tried everything, including a specialized diet designed to sieve out possible protein allergies.  We scrubbed the house and wiped James off with baby wipes when he came in from outdoors.  Nothing seemed to help.

We have an excellent primary care veterinarian but even she was stumped.  She referred us to Dr. Randall.  For James’ allergies, this was the best move we could possibly have made.

Importantly, Dr. Randall did not default to expensive but – in James’ case – unnecessary tests.
She did an excellent evaluation and asked all the right questions.  She charmed James, who settled into her lap so that she could do a thorough assessment.

When we brought James to Dr. Randall, his stomach and ears were bright pink with irritation.  Within a week, she had that under control.  Dr. Randall prescribed a combination of maintenance medications that kept James’ allergies at bay while avoiding on-going cortisone-based medications.

We can’t recommend Dr. Randall highly enough.  And as a bonus, the Potato Pleaser treats Dr. Randall has developed went right to the top of James’ list of favorites!”

-Helen C.


AAECbg“Dr. Amy was the Coast Guard that came to Chloe’s rescue. I will be eternally grateful to her for her compassion and caring.”

– Patricia J.


dennis“Dr. Randall,
I could never thank you enough for your knowledge and dedicated expertise in which you use to perform the treatment and cures that you have used on Dennis. Dennis thanks you so much more than I ever could. When I rescued him from the Guilford County Animal Shelter in 2008, the allergies and extreme ear infections & yeast infections came with him. I have constantly been trying to fix his ear problems from day one, seeing several veterinarians and spending hundreds to thousands of dollars with no luck what so ever. I have always knew he was miserable but never knew how miserable until I have gotten to know how happy and so comfortable and at peace he is since you have been caring for and treating his conditions. Thank you so, so, so very much. You are a blessing.”

– Robert & Dennis R.


Henry“Dr. Randall & her Staff are all just AWESOME!! They have helped my little Henry so much!! Thank You ALL so much!! A very special Thanks to Candance she has been so kind always checking in to see how my little Henry.”
– Connie C.


“My introduction to the Animal Allergy and Ear Clinic came when my beloved Cocker Spaniel, Holli, developed an autoimmune disease known as Pemphigus Foliaceus. The result was the loss of her hair, tender footpads and lethargy.

It wasn’t until I found Dr. Randall, and her staff, that we got to the heart of the matter and Holli began to regain her quality of life. Their expert care didn’t stop at the clinic door, however. Their service, compassion, and owner education went home with us. This maximized my investment of both time and money. Most importantly, their outstanding care gave Holli another year and a half of life.

I love seeing this staff and recommend them wholeheartedly. To this day, I still stop by to say Hi and bring them treats to eat. We have remained great friends.”

– With gratitude, Kathleen M.


Boo“Dr. Amy Randall has dramatically improved the health and quality of life for our Bichon Frise, Bella Boo.  After months of steroids and failed attempts to stabilize Bella Boo’s allergies, our regular veterinarian referred us to the Animal Allergy and Ear Clinic in March 2012.  By this time Bella exhibited signs of depression, severely irritated pink skin and an undiagnosed skin infection.  We were desperate to find a solution so that Bella Boo could stop wearing a cone to prevent hot spots from licking and abrasions from chewing her sides along with shoes to restrict scratching her neck.

Dr. Randall listened to our concerns and immediately started treating Bella Boo with an antihistamine, steroid and antibiotic.  Her exceptional staff assisted with any questions or concerns we had and managed to keep Bella Boo’s allergy flares under control. Once we were able to keep Bella Boo at about a level 2-3, Dr. Randall did an allergy panel including skin and blood work.  The results gave her the necessary information to develop a plan to treat Bella Boo’s allergies. The plan involved a specially formulated allergy vaccine administered through a series of allergy injections. Before the first series of injections were complete, we were off steroids.

Dr. Randall continues to check regularly on Bella Boo’s profess and works with our regular veterinarian to assure Bella Boo gets the best medical care. The entire experience has been worth all the time, effort, and cost associated with Bella Boo’s care. We cannot stress enough the value and benefit we feel from this experience.

Bella Boo is now able to take walks and live cone and shoe free.  We are thrilled to see her playfulness and energy level return.  We have our puppy back (though she is 6 years old)). If you have any question whether or not to try the Animal Allergy and Ear clinic…make the call. Dr. Randall and her staff are honest and compassionate. They will tell you if they can help find a solution for your pet.”

– Jamie and Kimberlee G.


Winston1“Dr. Amy Randall travels to North Carolina from time to time seeing patients. Someone recommended her to us for our Wheaten Terrier who had suffered with severe skin infections for over 5 years.

We had taken him to different vets including a holistic vet. We tried different antibiotics, medicated baths, topical, vitamins, fish oil, Chinese herbs, homeopathy, homemade food – you name it – nothing worked. Meanwhile our precious dog continued to suffer.

We made an appointment with Dr. Randall and she spent a full hour examining him and taking a complete history. Her compassion and concern was so refreshing. I had been told she is one of the top dermatology vets in the country and I see why. She listens closely to everything you tell her and is very sharp.

She explained that the problem with chronic skin infections in many cases is that they are not given antibiotics long enough to actually KILL the bacteria. This leads to the bacteria becoming resistant to the antibiotics. She did a skin culture which showed his infection was caused by a methicillin resistant staph pseudointermedius. She put him on a couple of medications and told us we would keep him on the antibiotic until there was no more evidence of the infection.

Previously, what would happen after we finished a round of antibiotic is that the infection would come raging back worse than ever. After 2-3 months our boy was completely well and happy once again.

I will be forever grateful to Dr. Randall. I highly recommend her for anyone who has a dog suffering from allergies and/or chronic skin infections. I would also like to add that the staff I communicated with (April) between our appointments was knowledgeable, always getting answers to any questions I had in a prompt and courteous manner.”

– Wanda R.