We are Passionate about Quality!

The treats that we carry are hypoallergenic, USA made, and all natural.

We are dedicated to offering our clients products that contain ingredients that you can trust. The treats that we have compliment the diets we carry. This is helpful for pets with food allergies or sensitivities. Be sure to ask us about our carefully selected diets.

Note: This list can change at anytime. We want to ensure the best quality and product to you and your pet. We will update the list regularly but please be sure to check back or call us at (503) 574-4150 to check to see availability.

Serenegy Dog Treats

Dr. Randall formulates and tests a line of hypoallergenic, all natural, limited ingredient treats and Wrapit™ that are great for pets with allergies, on food trials or pets that love delicious, quality treats!


NEW! Pumpkin Oat Harvest ™ Dog Treats
Potato Pleasers ™ Dog Treats
Hopping Oats ™ Dog Treats
Duck and Potato ™ Dog Treats

Wrapit ™ Mix:
Potato Pleasers ™ Wrapit ™ Mix
Hopping Oats ™ Wrapit Mix

Serenegy’s Wrapit™ Mix is a limited ingredient, all natural way to administer your pet’s medications.

etta says!

  • Packaged Deer Chews Pkg. of 7
  • Crunchy Deer Chews (Sold Individually)
  • Crunchy Rabbit Chews (Sold Individually)

Salmon Paws

  • Wild Alaskan Salmon Jerky

Wild Pacific Salmon

  • Salmon Skin Rolls Pkg. of 6
  • Salmon Skin Rolls (Sold Individually)


  • Sweet Potato Chips
  • Kangaroo Steaks
  • Kangaroo Sausage (Sold Individually)

Hare of the Dog

  • Rabbit Big Dog Jerky Treats
  • Rabbit Medium Dog Jerky Treats
  • Rabbit Small Dog Jerky Treats
  • Cat Rabbit Jerky Treats
  • Rabbit Jerky Sticks (Sold Individually)


100% Natural Deer Antlers
Comes in Small, Medium, Large, X-Large

Raw Rewards

  • 100% Bison Liver Dog and Cat Treats
  • 100% Wild Salmon Dog and Cat Treats
  • 100% Pork Liver Dog and Cat Treats